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LWA Works Sample Parts

LWA Works (formally Lanart Works) produces many custom parts from a wide range of materials for commercial industries. These parts have been made from materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass and plastics. make parts to fit any application. Click on a part below to see a larger view.

Your requests for quotations and information will be handled with prompt,careful attention.


  Delrin & Aluminum fixture Spool for roller unit 316 stainless steel manifold
Chain driven conveyor Sprocket assembled with bearing & axle Chain conveyor
360 brass medical use part 6061 aluminum part Mold part Dispensing valve body
Fixture tray Multi-cavity fixture Helical cooling grooves on vessel Stainless steel manifold
We work from drawings (CAD/CAM, DWG, DXF, CDL, IGES, VDA, ProE, or ASCII files) supplied by the customer or prepared at LWA Works to deliver the highest precision CNC parts for you. and let us review you next project.
Stainless steel valve part Radius'd top 17-4 stainless steel part Engraved fixture Two part fixture tray
Plastic extrusion guide Aluminum spacing unit Misc. brass, stainless steel, aluminum, & invar parts Fixture to position molded plastic unit
Handle, one piece, machined form solid aluminum bar Pump impeller Milled from solid 6061 aluminum round stock Engraved bezels
Every customer has unique needs and we are committed to providing each with a tailored solution. Your requests for quotations and information will be handled with prompt, careful attention for the specific services you may require. Let us quote your next requirement.


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